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The Ayrtekk Booster Pump is designed to take a lower high pressure air source, as low as 1000 psi, and "Boosts" the source pressure to a higher pressure, up to 4500 psi. The pump is powered by a 125 psi air source. The pump is typically used with compressed air, but is safe with air, oxygen, nitrogen or helium gases

What does the Ayrtekk Booster Pump do???

In this video, the Ayrtekk Booster Pump is placed between the high-pressure Air Tank and the PCP Airgun. The lower pressure in the Air Tank feeds the Booster Pump, which then is cycled to "Boost" the high pressure air to the higher pressure air that is desired in the PCP Airgun. An external air compressor is supplying  125 psi air to power the Booster Pump.

Ayrtekk Booster Pump Instructional Video

Diagram 1 - External Air Source (i.e. an air compressor) powers the Booster Pump by supplying 125 psi of low-pressure compressed air directly to the Booster Pump. A single Air Tank supplying high-pressure compressed air to be boosted.

Ayrtekk Booster Pump Demonstration Video with Regulator

Diagram 2 - A single Air Tank using a Tee, supply's high-pressure compressed air to the Regulator and high-pressure compressed air to be boosted. The Regulator converts high-pressure compressed air to 125 psi, low-pressure compressed air, to power the Booster Pump.

Ayrtekk Booster Pump Video - Going from 2000 psi to 4500 psi

This video demonstrates the Ayrtekk Booster Pump being used to boost 2000 psi from source to 4500 psi in pressure vessel. 

Real World Testing

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