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What does the Ayrtekk Booster Pump do???

The Ayrtekk Booster Pump is designed to go between the high-pressure air tank and the PCP airgun. It uses a low-pressure air source to "boost" the high-pressure air fed into the high-pressure side of the pump to the higher pressure that is desired in the PCP airgun.

Ayrtekk Booster Pump Instructional Video

Diagram 1 - External Air Source (i.e. an air compressor) powers the Booster Pump by supplying 125 psi of low-pressure

compressed air directly to the Booster Pump. A single Air Tank supplying high-pressure compressed air to be


Ayrtekk Booster Pump Demonstration Video with regulator

Diagram 2 - A single Air Tank using a Tee, supply's high-pressure compressed air to the Regulator and high-pressure 

compressed air to be boosted. The Regulator converts high-pressure compressed air to 125 psi, low-pressure

compressed air, to power the Booster Pump.

Real World Testing

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